Revitalizing The Appearance Of A Used Trombone To Use In The School Band

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If your child has shown interest in learning how to play a trombone in the school band, and you do not have the funds available to buy a brand new instrument, you may want to consider purchasing a used trombone for their use. Used instruments can be a great value if they had been cared for appropriately by the previous owner. Here are some steps to revitalize a used trombone so it looks like new.

Do A Thorough Cleaning Of The Instrument To Remove Bacteria

Since trombones require a blowing motion to make sound, it is risky to leave the instrument uncleaned before using it as there may be bacteria from the previous owner's saliva inside the piece. To remove this in its entirety, use a bathtub to do a deep cleaning session. Remove the tuning slides and valves before cleaning. If there are felt pieces on the valves, peel them off before cleaning.

Fill the tub with enough warm water to cover the trombone so moisture makes its way into all interior portions. Add a mild detergent to help kill bacteria. Use a snake brush to scrub the interior of the slides and the inside of the trombone itself. Rinse the soap off and use a dry piece of microfiber cloth to remove excess moisture from the brass instrument.

Reassemble With New Oil And Felt To Increase Performance

After the instrument is cleaned and dried, it will need to be assembled before it can be used. Place new felt tips on the valves to increase the aesthetics of the instrument. Apply a high-grade valve oil to the valves before replacing them into the base of the instrument. Use a slide grease made of lanolin to lubricate the slide before assembling it onto the main portion of the trombone. These enhancements will make the instrument work with ease while giving the valves a new look.

Polish The Brass To Give The Instrument A Shiny Look

Your child's instrument will look best if it is polished to remove any areas where aging may have set in. To polish brass, go to a music store in your area and purchase a polishing agent made especially for this type of usage. Apply a small amount on a polishing cloth and rub it in a circular motion on the instrument's base to shine tarnished spots. Do the same on each of the smaller components, making sure to get underneath valves and around seams for the best appearance. Contact a business, such as The Horn Peddler, for more information.