High-Quality Free Downloads Help Increase Your Band's Promotional Levels

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Being a band manager can be a challenging career option in today's saturated market. Trying to find the best way to promote your group often focuses on getting them the most interest in their tour – where they're going to make the most money. Free downloads might be the best choice for this promotion.

Music Promotion Requires Great Music

As a band manager, you need to focus your group into the studio to record some great tunes. While various marketing methods – such as online advertisements – may help with some of this effort, you truly need great music to sell a band. Get them to record their best songs with the best performances.

After you've recorded these tracks, you have a few options that you can choose for promotion. In today's modern internet world, you know that people are going to illegally download these songs at some point, which robs your band of profit. However, this promotion can be a good thing for when you tour because it prepares people for their sound.

As a result, you should embrace this new and unique promotion method by uploading free song downloads up on your band's website or music commerce site. In this way, you can drum up interest for a tour and the band's upcoming album and ensure that you get the best promotion available.

What to Consider for Free Downloads

The tracks that you put up for download should be at the highest possible quality to ensure that people download them from you. There are a few reasons for this quality control. First of all, many illegal download sites use low-quality MP3s to save space. Real music fans want higher-quality files, whenever possible.

You may even want to skip the MP3 route and offer your files as FLAC files. These lossless music files produce a high quality of sound that many fans crave. However, you may even want to utilize WAV files to attract even more fans. Make sure that you have enough download space for these items first.

Now, when you go on tour or post advertising materials on social media or web forums, you need to spread these download codes for free. Promote the song as the new single and discuss how it is an insight into the new album. This can help your track stand out and attract current fans and new ones at the same time.

So if your band is struggling to make an impact on a crowded scene and you want people to know their name, upload a few free songs to increase your promotional range. You may also want to find local magazines who will write about the singles and give your band a little more promotion. And don't hesitate to consider a music artist promotion firm near you if you need help.