3 Jobs You Can Do With a Music Degree

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When you are a freshman in college and are deciding what to major in, you may not think about what you can realistically do with your degree. If you have a degree in music, you may have high hopes of working on Broadway or in a large musical production, but that can be hard to achieve. Rather than setting your degree aside and doing something that has nothing to do with music, there are a few other jobs that you may want to consider. 

Become a Music Teacher At a School

One of the best things that you can do with a music degree is teach to other students. For instance, you can become a junior high or high school chorister. This is a great way for you to use your music degree every day and to get a steady paycheck while doing it. The fun thing about getting involved in school music is that you can also put on things like school musicals and school concerts which will help you use your creativity. 

Become a Marching Band Arranger

Another great thing that you can do with a music degree is become a marching band arranger. Whether you do this in high school or in a college setting, a marching band arranger will be in charge of essentially orchestrating how a marching band performs, what they play, and how they move. All of this can be a lot of work, but once you have a little bit of experience doing it will become second nature. Plus, once you have this experience, it will really help you take charge while working in the music industry. 

Teach Private Lessons

If you don't want to work in a school setting, but you still like the thought of teaching others how to sing or play an instrument, then you may want to consider teaching private lessons. When you teach private lessons you are more in charge of your schedule which is a huge luxury. In addition, you can charge a substantial amount of money per hour which can be a benefit  financially. If you get a big group of kids to teach then you can undoubtedly make a steady monthly income so that you don't have to teach at a school or anywhere else. 

To learn more about these jobs and how you can get started on them, reach out to a professional musician for more insights.