Ways A Piano Tuner Can Benefit Your Piano

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If you're a piano player, you know that tuning is occasionally necessary to keep the instrument from playing painfully out of tune. But you may not realize quite how many ways regularly scheduled tuning can benefit your instrument. Here are a few ways that a piano tuner can benefit your piano.

1. Keep piano from settling into poor tuning

An untuned piano can go flat, but even worse, it can get used to being flat. If the instrument is left untuned for too long, it will get accustomed to the incorrect tunings that it lapses into. Over the years, the piano will settle into this configuration.

Then, if someone does try to tune the instrument in the future, multiple tunings could be required in short succession as the piano will keep trying to revert to its previous out-of-tune state. If you hire a piano tuner to keep your piano tuned up regularly, you can avoid this problem.

2. Keep an eye on maintenance needs to avoid annoyances

A piano can make odd, annoying sounds such as a buzz, rattle, or clicking sound if something goes wrong with the machinery. For instance, when they get extremely worn out and frayed, piano strings can create a buzz. Your piano tuner can keep an eye on maintenance needs and recommend replacement strings before the strings get worn enough to cause this problem.

3. Perform small repairs before damage compounds

Another benefit of a piano tuner's expertise is that tuners can often perform small repairs themselves (likely at an additional charge). So if a piano has a small mishap and a mechanism piece breaks, your tuner may be able to replace it before the problem gets any more serious, sparing you any further expenses such as calling a piano repair shop.

4. Preserve the piano's resale value

A piano that's obviously well-tuned and well-maintained will be more desirable as a secondhand instrument than a neglected one. If you ever want to sell the piano, you may find that the resale value could sink dramatically for an instrument that's been neglected for too long. So regular tuning is an important way to protect your investment in the instrument as well.

5. Give advice on home piano care

Finally, a piano tuner can help ensure that you know how to take great care of the piano at home. They can give you advice on what humidity levels to maintain in the piano room (and how to do so), advice on caring for the piano's finish, and more.

These are just a few of the ways that a piano tuner can help you and your piano over the years. For more information about scheduling your piano tunings, get in touch with a local piano tuner today.