Basics You'll Need For Piano Lessons As An Adult Beginner

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You may wonder what basics you'll need when you start learning piano for the first time as an adult. Here are some of the basics you'll need for piano lessons as an adult beginner.

1. A piano or keyboard 

A real piano to practice on would be ideal, but not everyone has space in their home for a full-sized piano, let alone a way to haul a piano home. Fortunately, many high-quality digital keyboards can also provide a great practice experience.

If you don't have a keyboard at home already when you go to your first lesson, your piano teacher can give you tips on how to choose a good one. For instance, for realistic practicing, you'll want a keyboard with weighted keys so it feels like you're playing a real piano.

2. A practice space

If you practice on a real piano, you'll likely need a room where you can shut the door while you practice. This can help you not to feel self-conscious about your playing, and help you avoid annoying others in the household with loud playing (pianos can be very loud).

If you're practicing on a digital keyboard, you may be able to use headphones so you don't disturb others or feel self-conscious about the sounds you're making. However, you'll still need to find a well-lit, comfortable space for the keyboard and its stand plus your bench or stool. 

3. Adjustable music stool

Ideally, you'll want a music stool or bench that you can adjust to the correct height at your piano or keyboard. Adjust the height so that it's low enough you can easily reach the piano pedals with your feet, but high enough that your forearms can be parallel to the floor when you play. 

4. A knowledge of what music you like

Your piano teacher will want to help you find music you like to play once you get past the most basic elements of piano playing. For example, if you enjoy pop songs, your teacher can help to find piano arrangements of songs you like that are at a good level for your technique and experience.

So whether your tastes run to classical music, musical theater, oldies, rock, or jazz, be sure you give thought to what types of music you want to play on the piano before you get started. Letting your teacher know about your musical preferences can ensure that you get to play something you really enjoy as soon as possible.

5. A great teacher

Finally, for best results, a great piano teacher is absolutely necessary. Finding a piano teacher who's not just great at technique but also passionate about music and enthusiastic about helping you learn can make a big difference in how quickly you progress in your piano lessons.

These are some of the basics you'll need for learning piano as an adult beginner. Get in touch with a local piano teacher today to discuss taking your first private piano lessons.