Three Types Of Pianos To Use In A Small Home

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Owning a piano gives you an opportunity to make music as often as you wish, provide a soundtrack to family get-togethers, and even perform duets with other musicians you know. If you've recently decided that you want to buy a piano, there are lots of topics for you to think about. The available space inside of your home is an important factor that will influence the instrument that you choose. Before you start to shop, you'll want to decide where you'll place the piano in your home. If you live in a small home such as a condo unit, your available space may be limited. Here are three types of pianos that can work well in a small home.

Upright Piano

Your local musical instrument store carries all sorts of upright pianos. This design gives the instrument a relatively small footprint, which can make it work well in a small home. An upright piano is designed to be situated against a wall. When you're assessing your home and find a place along the wall that you wish to use for your piano, you'll want to measure the wall and keep this measurement in mind when you shop. Ideally, you'll find an upright piano that can fit well into this space.

Digital Piano

If you've looked at a few upright pianos and you feel that this size will simply be too large for your home, your next option should be to consider a digital piano. This piano has an upright design, but a lot of these models are smaller in size than a conventional upright model. Digital pianos usually lack an upper panel and often don't have a lower panel, either. The result is an instrument that won't look bulky in whatever room you place it.


The smallest option for you to consider is a keyboard. As its name suggests, this instrument simply consists of a set of piano keys in a housing that has several buttons for different functions. If you've determined that you don't have enough space in your home to permanently set up a piano, a keyboard will be a good option for you. This instrument sits on a folding stand, which means that you can easily store the keyboard and the stand in a closet and bring them out when you wish to play. You don't need to set a keyboard up against a wall like an upright piano, which is ideal if you lack available wall space.

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